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)))~ River ~(((

)))~ reg: ISWS & NAKC Ch. Lagniappe
Shadow On The Teche SRC

ISWS  & Rarities Champion
#1 Racing Silken 2007
ASFA Coursing Qualified

        )))~  River, MDR1 carrier, Thyroid, Heart, Eyes normal  24 ¼ inches White with Black Spots ~(((

 River is as well rounded a dog as we could ask for. He has done obedience with Don, loves to travel in the car or RV anywhere.

   He surprised us in racing, making a name for himself by coming in first place at Silkenfest 2007, with a field of over 40 dogs.  He went on from there to win a few other races to get his SRC title and to be 2007’s number one racing Silken Windhound with a record 24 National points earned in the year. He also took 1st place in Novice dog at Silkenfest 2007.

        River was pulled from racing after a foot injury sustained from chasing an out of control lure in which a lure machine's switch got stuck in on position. By the time the dog's reached the finish line the lure was going in the opposite direction to the lure machine. River responded immediately by doing a 180 on the dry knobby tubers of grass to get that lure. The injury was discovered the next day. We researched performance injuries and made an appointment with Dr. Radcliffe in Wheeling, WV.

      Once mended, River was hand walked in a harness for months before allowing mild romps. Eventually, we did practice runs in our field, testing the durability of the repair.

       River returned to racing in time for Silkenfest 2009 to finish in a respectable overall 3rd against very tough competition. He came off the field unaffected from the previous injury, and we felt elated.

 Hutsie nicknamed River the “Iceman” when he races because as soon as she would take him to the starting line, he would turn around and freeze on the lure. He would hunker down in a crouch, every muscle just waiting. Hutsie could hold his collar with one finger and no pressure as he waited like an iceman for the movement of the lure. He sure loves the game of the race, not just the lure.

 River is a sweet dog, who in his off time loves to run down to the pond and swim. But he doesn't just hang out at the edge of the pond, he gets out and swims to swim, all with a contented look on his face.  ~(((